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    Handmade V Mass-Produced

    Gonna be honest, something that kinda gets on our nerves in a sales pitch, (in relation to greeting cards)is the sentence, “don’t buy mass-produced by handmade.”  

    Why?  Because it seems to us that the person using this sentence is implying that the time and effort put into creating mass-produced cards, is minimalist compared to handmade cards.  I read recently, in the April edition of the @Greetings Today magazine, an article describing the amount of detail that goes into some greeting cards, in terms of the handmade finishing touches.  The article made us think and even though we haven’t been in the greeting card business for long,  we have learnt to appreciate each card, which is not difficult when they are all so lovely!


    Above is a mass-produced card from one of the ranges we sell.  A large boxed card, with finishing touches which include acetate, feathers, glitter etc.  So much detail!  

    Personally, we love both mass-produced and handmade.  Some handmade cards are utterly stunning!  Let’s take a simple look at exactly what's involved in creating a mass-produced card.