A Free Handwriting Service.

At Candy Kisses Limited our aim is always to create a warm welcoming atmosphere for customers.

So.  With this in mind we hope that that this free service we offer will make posting your chosen Greeting Cards to friends & family even easier for you. 

Sometimes, for whatever reason you may simply not be in a position to write inside your chosen card, and this is where we like to help. 

The majority of the time the cards will be handwritten in pen, however on rare occasions, when the message is either too long for the chosen card, or simply just long, we will create a personalised card insert, (so far we have resisted the urge to add glitter to these) thus ensuring that the entire message can be sent, inside your chosen card, to the recipient in a neat manner without error.

& just to reassure you, as all our invoices are automatically sent electronically to you the customer, your recipient will never know how much you did or didn’t spend on their card.

How do you create your handwritten order?

You can select to have your greeting card handwritten by a member of staff by typing your message in the text box to the right of your chosen card. 

Initially, this box will appear small, however, as soon as you begin to type your message, not only will the message we have put in there automatically disappear, the box itself will expand as you write.

Alternatively, you can expand the box yourself prior to typing by placing your cursor on the bottom right

of the box, beneath the arrow pointing downward, & drag downwards.

Once your message has been inserted in this box you then have the option of continuing with your shopping or proceeding to your basket/checkout as usual.

We will always recommend that you check that your message has been added with the card order by following the instructions below, because if you cannot see it in your basket, we wont receive it!

How do you check your message has been added?

To double check that the message has been added, please visit your basket & beneath the listing of your card you should see a small arrow next to the word, “Details” & again, click on the arrow to expand the view, which should look like this – HANDWRITE & POST MY CARD.  Simply type your message in the box before adding to your basket & we will post it directly to the recipient:

Following the above sentence your message should appear.

If you do not see your message here, please email your message ( or any other urgent order queries) to [email protected] immediately after placing your order & then, leave the rest to us!